3 Kinds of Medicare Special Needs Coverages You Might Not Be Aware of

Medicare SNP’s also known as Special Needs Plans are identical to the Advantage plans, but they’re only limited to individuals with particular characteristics or disease.


Presently, there are three kinds of Special Needs Coverages offered:  Get a plan @ https://www.medisupps.com/


  1. C-SNP (Chronic SNP):


The plan serves people with certain disabling chronic issues like dementia, HIV, etc. Chronic-SNP might target either one specific chronic disorder or more if required.


  1. I-SNP (Institutional SNP):


I-SNP serves people requiring a nursing home care or those who are currently in a nursing home.


  1. D-SNP (Dual-Eligible SNP):


The plan serves folks who’re eligible for both Medicaid as well as Medicare benefits.


People who fall in any one of the above categories might have a specific health-care requirement which SNP might be better able to address.


As an example, certain SNP’s provide a greater network of providers which focuses on treating your disease.  Or they might consist of formularies which are tailored so as to cover the prescription medications normally prescribed for your specific disorder.

So as to become eligible for enrollment in these plans, the person should meet the below requirements.


They must:


Have participated in Basic Medicare (consisting of Part A & B)

Reside in the area of service of the SNP.

Should fulfill the criteria mentioned in the Special Needs Plan including things like having both Medicaid & Medicare, having a chronic issue mentioned in the plan, etc.

Medicare enrollees having end-stage renal disorders are normally not eligible for enrollment in an MA policy, with a few exceptions. But, in case there’s an SNP which targets beneficiaries of ESRD within your service region, you might be allowed to participate in such a plan.

It’s crucial to remember that a person will still receive all the benefits which are otherwise featured in Basic Medicare, Part A, B, & D.


With the SNP, you are simply offered additional coverage which can allow you to better handle your specific situation.


One primary difference when it comes to SNP’s & other kinds of Advantage plans under Medicare is that each of the SNP’s need to cover prescription medications. On the opposite side, other Advantage plans might or might not cover prescription drugs. It all comes down to the specific plan you chose during enrollment.