How Does Medicare Help People with Diabetes?

Diabetes is among the most threatening diseases which affect how your body handles glucose within the bloodstream.  Among the entire population of diabetics in the U.S, around 25 percent are above the age of 60.


People with Diabetes who are also eligible for Medicare will be relieved knowing the fact that there are a few expenses which can be covered using Medicare Part D & Medicare Part B to treat this disease.


Things Covered by Medicare Part B:


Monitors and strips (up to 300) for testing blood sugar

Lancets & its devices

Solutions to control glucose

Therapeutic shoes or inserts


Testing Services:


Annual eye tests

Self-management testing for diabetes

Foot Tests

Glaucoma examination

Nutrition therapies

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In addition to the above, you can also find Medicare National Mail Order Plan for your diabetes testing stuff.  Meaning, if you want your testing stuff delivered to your house then you must use the supplier contracted under the mail order.  Furthermore, you can also pick your testing stuff from local pharmacy which accepts Medicare.


What’s included:


Annual eye tests

Strips to test blood glucose


Lancet & its related devices

Control solutions



Part-D Medicare Coverage:


Within Part D Medicare, enrollees select a PDP or Prescription Drug Plan that is operated by a private insurer who is Medicare approved. Each of the drug plans features a unique list of medicines covered known as a formulary.  The medications are put in various tiers within these formularies. Also, the drug cost is different for each formulary.


Along with offering prescription drug coverage, the supplies essential to inject insulin might also be covered by Part D Medicare. These included needles and syringes, gauze & alcohol swabs. Thus, while picking your Part D coverage, you must ensure that your selected plan covers each of your requirements.


Many Advantage plans provide coverage for prescription drugs, hence a number of people who are enrolled in the Advantage Plan will receive the coverage that way.


Even though coverage for Medicare Part D is considered optional, in case you decide to skip Part D when you initially become eligible, & aren’t enrolled in any similar coverage, you might be charged a late enrollment fee in case you decide to register after some time.