Medicare Informational Meetups: Why You Should Attend Them?

Medicare informational meetups can be an excellent way of learning about various health plans available in Medicare prior to you register for one.

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A number of health insurance agencies arrange their individual meetings in a number of locations across the region they currently serve. These meetups are typically run by experienced sales representatives who’re well aware of all the ins & outs of this industry.


As each agency tends to offer different plans that come with different prescription coverage & different networks of provider, you want to attend more than a single meetup.


Things You Can Expect from Medicare Informational Meetups:


A basic overview of the Medicare policy and how prescription drug & Medicare health policies work with it.

A Q&A session that can get your questions answered

A thorough look at the various Medicare coverages offered by a particular company


Things You Might Not Expect:


Additional perks. While doing you Medicare plan research on the web, it can be tough to compare one plan from one company to a similar plan from another company. With Medicare meetups, you have the opportunity to understand the perks associated with every plan –  such as discount offers, travel benefits, hearing aids, etc.


Hardly any pressure. In case you’re there to simply learn & aren’t able to make a final decision, you won’t be pressurized to enroll in a policy or sign anything till you’re all set. You can freely sit back & learn more about each policy.


Direct Assistance. Once the meetup is over, you will have a personal contact given by that insurance carrier. With this, you can call the person whenever you have any concerns or questions regarding that particular insurance carrier. This is something you might not find if you were to do your search online.


In order to locate the available Medicare plans within your region, you can visit the official Medicare site. After narrowing down the options, you can check out the site of that particular Medicare plan and see the upcoming informational meet-ups in your particular area.