Medigap Plans K and L: Why Consider Them?

Medicare Supplement plans F, K & L are among the very few that have deductibles. In fact, plan F offers an option for a high deductible. It works similar to plan L and K.


Each of the plans offers basic coverage to some extent: Get a 2020 plan at


Medical: Although Part B coinsurance might be covered, however not every single plan levels will pay the entire amount.

Hospital: The plans pay for Medicare Part A coinsurance, as well as offer coverage for another twelve months after Medicare stops coverage.

Blood: First 3 pints

Hospice: Here, Part A co-insurance is covered.


Medigap Plan K & L


Although Plan K and L offer basic coverage along with Part A deductible, don’t expect that they’ll cover everything at 100%. Rather, consider them as something that offers you that extra protection layer through a yearly out of pocket limitation for expenditures. As beneficiaries share the expenditure till they touch the max-limit for a given year, such plans may turn out to be an inexpensive Medigap option for quite a few seniors.


Medigap Plan K


It offers 100 percent coverage for Medicare Part A hospital co-insurance in addition to an extra 12 month period after benefits of Medicare end.

50 percent of expenses allowed under Medicare to cover the first 3 pints of blood

50 percent Hospice coverage for Medicare Part A co-insurance

50 percent Part B co-insurance, with the exclusion being the preventive care services that are covered 100 percent


Along with the basic benefits, Medigap Plan K covers:


Part A deductibles (50 percent coverage)

Coinsurance for Skilled Nursing Facility (50 percent coverage)

Yearly out of pocket limitation of $4,940 (this might increase each year due to inflation)


Medigap Plan L


It’s quite identical to plan K, however it:


Pays a higher percentage of the beneficiary’s costs

Provides a lower yearly out of pocket limitation & out of the pocket sum

Monthly premiums are slightly higher


Along with basic coverage, it offers:


Nursing Facility co-insurance coverage  (75 percent)

Part A deductibles coverage (75 percent)

Yearly out of pocket limitation of $2,470 (this might increase each year due to inflation)


Why consider plan L or K?


Normally, these plans can be beneficial for healthy seniors who are ready to share small medical costs knowing that bigger amounts will be covered. Due to the sharing of costs, the plans tend to provide cheaper premiums.